Well, I have a diagnosis. It’s called CMV, Cytomegalovirus. The good news: I will get well. The bad news: there’s nothing to be done for it and so I will just have to wait it out.

However, it has given me some new thoughts about the world.
1. I can’t believe how kind and caring people are. My sister, who saved her hard-earned money came from the US to visit me for two weeks and caught the two worst weeks of my life healthwise. She was gracious and caring and loving and didn’t seem to resent spending much of her vacation looking at the outside of my eyelids.
2. I had forgotten how very precious old friends are. Ah, Marcia, my dearest friend from my Fort Campbell period (1972-1976) with the most expansive heart and the kindest words, hugged me from Tennessee, and I felt the warmth from here. Edie, from my Fort Benning (1980-1983)/Fort Sill (1984-1987) period, there with her wisdom and gentleness and love.
3. And how can I fail to mention my cousin Diane, always loving, always laughing, always a treasure?
4. I appreciate that I have friends who feel able to be honest with me. We had been invited to someone’s home and when my diagnosis became known, they were concerned that they could carry my virus to a family member with a compromised immune system. I was glad they felt comfortable enough to tell me. I never would have wanted to harm them or anyone they loved.
5. Oh yes, human frailty. By now I believe in it, but I really don’t like it.

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