From Susan

I met Susan Nolan when we were young mothers, living in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Susan’s son, Jamie, and my son, Sammy, were in the same play group. Susan and I were good friends then and through the years, even separated by oceans and thousands of miles, Susan and I remained close. When I needed support a few years ago, Susan came on a “mercy flight” to help me out. She traveled through Israel with me and felt the holiness of the Land. She is a true friend. She is soon to be ordained as a minister. This is the letter she sent me today.

Dear Rona,

The actions of Hezbollah bring me back so many years to the tactics of the North Vietnamese in the Vietnam War.

The North Vietnamese, like Hezbollah- both of whom do not honor the value of human lives- gave us the first glimpse of guerilla tactics that made women and children victims, in order to influence the media.

That was the precedent for what we are seeing today, in my opinion.

They set up their mortars in heavily populated areas and also near such targets as Buddhist temples.

Of course, when the American and South Vietnamese soldiers returned fire, innocent civilians were killed-playing right into the North Vietnamese hands.

The American media went wild.

As a result of the public uprising,the American Congress then began micro-managing the war- setting up “no-fire” zones. A no-fire zone was, as it sounds, an area into which the Americans and South Vietnamese were not allowed to fire mortars – and not allowed to bomb.

I was married, at the time, to a young US Army lieutenant who was in Vietnam, serving with an engineer group. There was an incident that he told me about that I never forgot. He and his platoon had just finished putting up a fire-base on a mountain outside Da Nang. One night, shortly after it was up and operational, the North Vietnamese began shooting mortars at an American base in Da Nang. My husband described the frustration that the soldiers at the new fire-base experienced, when they called in for permission to fire back at the location from which the enemy fire was coming. (They could even see the flashing of the mortars in the night.) They were denied permission to fire, because the enemy (surprise surprise) was firing from a “no-fire” zone.

There were many American soldiers killed at an American base in Da Nang that night. I recall my husband telling me how some of the soldiers at his fire-base literally cried, as they watched the destruction of that base, knowing Americans were being killed, and that they were helpless (because of the no-fire rules) to help them. It was a tragedy, and a farce, that was repeated over and over again in Vietnam.

So sad.

When will we learn?

I believe those guerilla tactics are why the US and South Vietnamese were so badly defeated in that war.

It pains me to see the same happening to Israel…and throughout the Middle East.

What does it take for us all to understand that these “people” don’t care about the rules of civilization. They don’t care a whit about Geneva Conventions or anything else.

They intend to defeat all of us by using our respect for life against us.

I expect Hezbollah will cause the death of many more Lebanese women and children and old people and whoever else they wish to sacrifice……until we can’t stand watching it on television any longer…and try to humiliate and torment Israel into stopping its self-defense.

Hezbollah will have to answer to God for this act against their own brothers and sisters.

The rest of us will be called to answer for Israel. God gave Israel to the Jews. I believe we will all be called to answer for harm done to them.

I pray that the world will come to see the truth of Hezbollah and all of these Islamic terrorists. They are bloodthirsty killers.

They promulgate evil.

And they cynically manipulate the media for their own evil purposes.

I pray for your protection every day.


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