At loose ends

One of the things I learned as a young mother is that children need structure. Their world needs to be predictable. They need to know what to expect. That structure and predictability are part of what provides security.

Well, here I am, an adult, at least chronologically, and with the end of the active warfare, I am still at loose ends. The war, in a way, provided a structure. The bad guys are trying to kill my people. The good guys are putting on uniforms to go and defend us. We are going to fight until the bad guys give up and understand they can’t do this any more.

But that isn’t what happened. The bad guys (shorthand for the people who want to kill all of my relatives) still have their weapons, still have designs on killing us, and through some sick (and I really mean SICK) process, the sympathy of the world.

So yes, I am at loose ends.

But I am convinced it’s not just I who am not able to resume real life. Today at the supermarket I bumped into a friend. She said that she was looking forward to going to a musical evening because she’s been so out of sorts. She told me that this morning she had burst out crying.

I knew what she meant because there are times when after reading or listening to the news or even just thinking about the situation our country is in, I feel on the verge of tears.

Our Prime Minister is out of touch with reality, still thinking that concessions will win us love. Our Defense Minister didn’t know that Hezbollah was a real threat. Our Army Chief of Staff ran a campaign that was ill-equipped, ill-designed, and didn’t achieve any of the country’s objectives. Our President is being questioned about sexual harrassment allegations as is our formerJustice Minister (he resigned this past week)…

And Iran is still saying that it will destroy us and the UN whose charter such a statement violates, has said and done nothing. The Iranians continue to work on their uranium enrichment program and people think that we have plenty of time to do something to prevent them from attacking not just us, but the rest of the non-Islamic world.

It feels like events are just spinning out of control.

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