All the best

Yesterday, my younger daughter told me that it was a bit disappointing that she was the last of my children to give birth– that her baby wasn’t the one to make me a grandmother. I heard the words, but I am so removed from those feelings that I found them surprising.

I had just been privileged to be with her and her husband at the most miraculous event. I had watched their little miracle come into the world. How could I feel anything but incredibly blessed!

I remember thinking that if someone ever asked me which of my children I loved the most, I would have to answer, “I love them all the most.” And it is true. We are created with hearts that when open, can continue being filled with love and awe and admiration and joy without any bounds. Just when we think we cannot be any happier or more blessed, we find out that we are able to experience yet a greater level of joy.

But together with the joy comes a sense of gratitude to the Creator for bestowing such blessings and a hope to be worthy of them.

And here is our latest blessing:

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