When my sister and I were young, there was a song that Rosemary and Betty Clooney used to sing called “Sisters.” We learned it in honor of our grandparents’ 35th wedding anniversary where we sang it wearing lavender organdy dresses that were custom made for us. I was 10, she was 5. I am pretty sure that we were adorable. I know for a fact that people really enjoyed our little act because for years afterwards we were asked to perform it and by the time I got to about 13 it was downright embarrassing.

But the truth is that there is a very special link between sisters that is almost indescribable. Which is why my sister, though far away, is always with me and why she, on her first web site did a sister page with pictures of sisters in our family. The very nice thing is that with the exception of our youngest granddaughter, all of our granddaughters have sisters. And this newest little girl has two little girl cousins living half a block away who she likely will see very often.

What is it about sisters that is so special? Well, we grow up together. We learn to have the same frame of reference. We often have the same sense of humor, but we certainly have lots of associations in common. We are reminded of the same experiences. The cast of characters in our lives is the same. We remember how Aunt Gladys* took a drawer pull from the spare bedroom in our parents’ house and Uncle Tom liked to eat his soup after the meal. We remember Aunt Lucy who didn’t want to kiss her husband at their wedding because it wasn’t hygienic and Cousin Myron who went off to become a cult leader. And we giggle and we smile. We enjoy sitting in cafes and playing “fashion cop” and after a few years with people dressing well here, I am happy to report that we are back in business as exposed navels and tattoos have begun to proliferate. But we also like to share thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams.

Which is not to say that brothers don’t have a similar experience. However, the male need for close intimate bonds is different no matter what the books may say.

And so now, when my sister is visiting, I have the pleasure not only of sharing time with her, but of enjoying my two daughters’ relationship with each other and the growing bonds of the daughters of all of my children.

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty

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