Where are they now?

My family lives in Israel. But where are they now?
One daughter-in-law and 6 children are in Los Angeles visiting her parents and sisters and families.
Her husband is working with a mashgiach (kosher supervisor) on a cruise ship currently moored in St. Petersburg, Russia.
One daughter is in Croatia with her daughter on a mother/daughter trip, but may be in Venice for the day tomorrow.
And my husband is in Beijing.

When I was growing up would I ever have imagined this? I mean, we lived in Philadelphia and “going away” meant going to Atlantic City, an hour and a half away. When I was in 6th grade, my mother took me and my sister to New York for a couple of days (it was 2 hours away.) People didn’t used to travel like this for business or for pleasure unless they were very wealthy.

And now, I say to the gabbai (member in charge of logistics) at my shul, who emailed me to ask if my husband could read the Torah on shabbat: “He may be reading, but it will be in Beijing.”

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