Out of step

I know that it is SO au courant to hate President Bush. After all, very intelligent people of the broadcast and print media have been telling me that “he ruined the country” and “no one likes or respects the US anymore.” But I have to tell you… I think that George Bush is one of the few political leaders who actually “gets it.”

And the “it” is the fact that there really are bad people out there who want to kill people and destroy countries and who cannot be talked out of it. And it seems so unbelievable. In the US, in most of western society, we were taught that people only wanted to attack others if the others were in someway oppressing them or threatening them. All the intended victim had to do was to give up power and apologize for their wrongs. Then, we would all live together in peace.

“All we are asking is give peace a chance.”

But is Ahmadinejad asking for peace? Is Hezbollah? Is Hamas? If I recall correctly, they are asking for the death of the Jewish people and the eradication of Israel. Hmmm… Shall we go and negotiate? What would the discussion consist of: “OK, do you want to nuke us, or shall we all just take cyanide?” “Shall we kill our children or do you want to do it?” Just how do you compromise with someone who wants you dead?

So Bush called it. He said, “Folks, it’s an illusion to think we can talk to them.” And Obama said,
something to the effect of Bush’s having pulled some sort of political maneuver…


So all of you really clever people who are not in the sights of Iranian weapons, you can think about how bad Bush was for saying that we can’t negotiate with people who want us dead.

But I say, “Well said, Mr. President!”

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