To Los Angeles

Friday morning I awoke with anticipation. After all, after two weeks of traveling across the US, we were finally only about 3 hours from Los Angeles!

Mapquest instructions in hand, we set off from Indio (just outside of Palm Springs). As we approached Palm Springs, we saw the largest (by far) wind farm we had ever seen. There were 4000 (yes, really!) windmills!!!!

We drove past all sorts of places whose names we had heard many times, but we had never seen. The directions were very good and we had no trouble finding the home of our daughter-in-law’s parents.

What a joy it was to see all of the incredibly wonderful grandchildren! Each, in his or her own way, related to us so very nicely and spending shabbat with everyone was simply delightful. This area of Los Angeles is very beautiful. I loved walking on the street and looking at the beautiful homes and the gorgeous landscaping around them. It was pleasantly warm, but not oppressively hot– which was a real treat after days of triple digit heat.

Early early this morning (it’s already after 1 a.m.) we leave for the airport to fly off to Seattle where we will be taking a one week cruise to Alaska! (No triple digit temperatures there!)

Stay tuned

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