I might go on strike. I might just not write another blog post until a get another few people to go on my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. So get working, people!

In other news… Last night Ariel celebrated his 11th birthday with much fanfare and fireworks. He had 20 of his nearest and dearest friends over for a movie and pizza. We, the old folks, sat outside on the front steps for the duration of the movie. With us were Ariel’s 3 little sisters and his tiny little brother (the aforementioned Elazar). With us also was one of Ariel’s friends who apparently found Ariel’s sister Tamar much more interesting than the movie. Tamar is 7 years old and has such sparkle in her that it may actually be that rooms light up when she walks in. We all knew that the boys would find her something special, but we never thought that it would happen by age 7.

And moving from the sublime to the ridiculous… Why is it that men think that when they are in their car no one can see them picking their noses? I think about 50% of the time I am stopped at a light next to a man, he is so engaged. Today, one was sitting in our local supermarket parking lot, totally oblivious… I ask my husband (who does NOT pick his nose) why. He said, “because men only have two hands.” which led me to ask, “and what are they doing with their other hand?” at which point he grinned…

OK, we’ve been married 42 years and so we get each other’s jokes. If you didn’t, it really doesn’t matter.

It’s still hot and the holidays are around the corner– so off to all of the work I’ve been avoiding. And once more, repeat after me: “Vietnam & Cambodia, November 24”

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