The eye has it

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It started out with a birthday party for Hadas who grows more beautiful each day. Attending the party among others, were her 5 siblings and 13 cousins– which made it a very special day for me too.

In the evening, we drove to Netanya where Ariel (11), the oldest son of our son Akiva, sang as part of the “Pirchei HaGiva” choir in a large presentation in the center of town. We were met there by my dear cousin Debbie, her warm and kind husband, Mike, and their lovely daughter, Adina. Of course, Ariel’s parents and siblings also attended. The only question was “where was Ariel?” The best we can tell, his right eye attended the concert. It was definitely his. We presume the rest of his face was there too (hopefully he was using his mouth to sing along), but we were not able to see anything but his eye either with our naked eyes or on the huge video screens that were on either side of the stage.

However, the singing was wonderful and we are certain it was Ariel who made it particularly wonderful. We hope that next time he sings, we will get to see more of his face.

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