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For shame

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is a person, a human being, a woman, a wife, a mother, someone who was elected to political office.

Since she was named as Senator McCain’s running mate, she has been ridiculed, termed “stupid”. slandered, and lied about. People have questioned her ability to perform in office and still be a good mother. Sandra Bernhard wanted her “gang-raped” (thought that was funny).

Is that the way we express discomfort with positions we don’t agree with? Is this reasoned discourse?

The main stream media are talking about her failed interview with Katie Couric. Did anyone really listen to the questions? to the tone?

The main stream media clearly have chosen their candidate, and everyone has the right to do that, but does that mean that they also have the right to ridicule and to tear down another human being? I almost can understand the Obama campaign’s need to neutralize her potentially powerful influence, but why do the media feel compelled to do it? What do they have to gain? How do the media conceptualize their job? Is there an ethical code? Does anybody care?