Renovations II

Shabbat was a long, cold day. I hid under the blankets partially because of the cold and mostly because I was feeling really sick.

This morning, the electrician arrived. He thinks he has a solution. First, though, he performed emergency surgery– i.e., he sorted out many of the wires and reconnected some of them. We now have both dishwashers working, our oven, our heat (the most important), the lights in the kitchen, the fridge (although it is currently connected to a cable that is running from the third floor of the building through a window), the TV and VCR (which we almost never turn on anyway). What we are missing is all of the lights in our bedroom, the microwave, the fridge outlet– and who knows what else isn’t working upstairs (remember, we removed the steps so we have no idea of what is going on up there except that the router is working.)

In an effort not to be home during the prolonged power out, we went to the mall. Which is really too bad, because I used to like malls– but the last day of Hanuka with an upset stomach and 14 thousand little children all talking simultaneously–has taken all of the luster out of shopping there– at least for the foreseeable future.

Once home, my sister (visiting from Philadelphia) and I piled into my bed under multiple layers of comforters and waited for the heat to be fixed.

Tomorrow: more adventures, I’m afraid.

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