My corner of the earth

Yes, renovations continue and there’s more to the story, but more important than what’s going on in my home is what is going on in my country. To me it seems obvious that 8 years of rocket and mortar attacks on our civilian population must come to an end. In case no one noticed, we removed the entire Jewish population of Gaza, placing them in trailers (where most of them still are living) and destroying their homes in the hopes that Gaza would then be quiet. In fact, the violence only escalated. What country would tolerate the continuing bombardment of its civilian population???? And now that we respond, there is anyone who dares say it isn’t justified? We are supposed to allow this to continue???

Please read this article here to understand that Israel is acting not just in its own defense (which of course is justified), but also, in the best interests of the civilized world.

And please, pray for our defense forces.

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