Renovations III

The update is that the staircase will be delayed by yet another week. The tiling in the upstairs apartment is moving along slowly. The bedrooms there are painted (at least the first coat). The electrical work is still not completed (perhaps on Tuesday). We are still living in two areas: our living/dining/kitchen (where my visiting sister is also sleeping) and our bedroom. We finally have lights in the bedroom meaning that candlelit showers are now an option, rather than a requirement.

The larger renovations are taking place about a 2 hour ride south of us. We have the best of our youth and lots of moms and dads of young children working hard to prevent the killing of our civilian population. Interesting how everyone feels suddenly bad that innocent people might be hurt. Where were their bad feelings for the last 8 years as thousands of rockets and mortars were being lobbed into houses, kindergartens, shopping centers and other places that normal people frequent? How long would any civilized nation take random armed attacks on its population that resulted in death, destruction and serious trauma? How many countries would tolerate a situation that leads to a whole city full of children who are frightened to go to bed at night and need to sleep in their parents’ rooms and who are wetting their beds while the rockets and mortars continue to fly?

Here is what the news media aren’t telling you (and we civilians don’t even know all of the details). Before the home of a Hamas leader is struck, (remember, they are the ones who want all of us dead, the sooner the better) the army calls and warns them. They (the Hamas guys) then normally send their women and children up to the roof to act as human shields (nice, eh?) The Israel Army then sends a non-lethal missile that will explode nearby (not injuring anyone) to scare the women and children off the roof. After they leave the building, it is destroyed.

Now let’s think of other ways of stopping the violence:
1. Talking — they don’t want to talk to us; they want to destroy us.
2. Negotiating — uh, ditto
3. Begging — uh, double ditto

It is with a heavy heart that we expose our young men and women to the possibility of injury and death. But for us, there is no choice. We pray that the Hamas government will fall and that the Palestinian people in Gaza will have the chance for a future whose meaning does NOT all derive from our destruction, but one in which they will live their lives in happiness and strive for those things that enrich and ennoble one’s soul.

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