If I were charting my life on a graph that showed ups and downs in my feelings of happiness, today would probably reach an all-time high.

There are two reasons:

The first has to do with the visit of an old friend to Israel. When last we saw each other, he was experiencing a personal crisis. I feared that he would never feel happy again, that he would never have the kind of life he deserved. Years later, I discovered that he had since married and was happy. Today, I almost burst with joy when I met his wife and his beautiful children. Everything that had been so wrong had become right. His life is filled with laughter and love.

The second is much closer to home. Our youngest, Leah, is engaged! The happy news came last night. They make a beautiful couple: giving, caring, kind. The wedding will be in 2 months assuming all the arrangements can be made. May their lives too be filled with laughter and love (and lots of children!)

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  1. frank spigel says

    Mazel tov to you & The rest of your family.
    I am happy especially for you, your husband Aaron & Leah. I remember meeting Leah, when I came to Israel in 2000, incidentally I am happy I came last summer. However, I am sorry I missed seeing you.
    Please Congratulate Leah on My Behalf and may she have much nachas, hope I am spelling it correctly.

  2. Mazel Tov – Mazel Tov – May you only have simchot to share with us.


  3. Carmiya Dubb says

    Mazeltov for the engagement of your daughter! May you and your family have lots of Nachos from them – and many more highs!
    (Hope it wasn’t unethical to write this to you as your student. If not, it was done in good faith!)

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