Lows and highs

Today we went back to the salt mines. Over 25 years ago, in a place not far from here, we took 4 little children to the salt mines and had a wonderful time dressing in uniforms, riding the little mine car, and sliding down the long chutes. Today we did it all again… walking kilometers under the ground, taking a ride on an underground lake, and laughing a lot. I wonder what the little ones would have thought of Saba and Savta sliding down the long chutes together!

Later in the day we went to another fortress, this one high above the town of Werfen. This fortress was known for its falconry and we were treated to a show put on by trained birds of prey. An altogether unbeatable day from the depths to the heights!

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  1. wow. wish I were with you!
    I love you both so much!

    Can’t wait til you get back!

    D2 (Mrs. Goodman)

  2. Susan Nolan says

    Rona and Aaron….

    Your trip sounds wonderful.

    I am thinking of you.


  3. Gosh, I loved those salt mines… I remember taking home a box of the colored salt cubes and licking them to see which one tasted the best. (I also remember going around licking the walls… Would you let your kids do THAT?)

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