Friendships and Patience

After our trip to Austria and Hungary, it’s been nice to settle in and be at home for a while and enjoy the fact that nothing much exciting is happening.

Actually, my detached feeling is not all that different from what I have experienced most of my adult life. Having moved 800 miles away from home with my marriage and never having returned to live in the city I grew up in, I have been detached from my earliest years and the people who were part of them.

In our travels, we lived a number of places (I am currently living in my 18th home since I got married) and through the years we have met some wonderful people who have been like family to us and with whom we still correspond. However, every once in a while, when I receive a note from one of my oldest friends in the States, a classmate from when I was about 14 years old, as I did today, there is a special warm feeling of affirmation that I get that makes me smile even to think of it.

It reminded me once again of how important we are to the people we have met and how little we realize it. In supervision last week, one of the therapists said that she was afraid she wasn’t helping her clients. She wasn’t getting any positive feedback from many of her clients. I tried to explain to her that the impact we have on others is not always apparent, and certainly not immediately apparent. It is only through the lens of weeks, months, and sometimes years, that the interactions we have had with people come to be seen as having been helpful and precious. –Which is why it made sense to me once when a client I had ended the session by saying, “thank you… I think.”

So here’s to friendships and patience. May they increase!

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  1. Hilarious – you saw that my site was back up before I did 🙂