Next week I am going to be talking to a group about making memories for your grandchildren. I have asked my children to collect stories about grandparents from their children and to share any memories they might have as well. I would welcome anyone’s input. Specifically, what are some memories you have of your grandparents? What things did they do with you or for you or say to you that were important to you? If you have a story you would like to share, please do.

Oh, and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all of those loving and terrific men who mean so much to their children and grandchildren! Check out today’s Writer’s Almanac for a special Father’s Day edition. Make sure you bring your handkerchief.

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  1. Aviva Ernst says

    My grandmother was very important in my young life. I went to live with her and my aunt when I was about 6 and lived with them until I was in junior high when my father married a wonderful woman.

    My grandma was a “Southern Lady”. She taught me everything I know about baking and crocheting. Now when I am making a baby blanket for someone on the Yishuv or for a friend, I feel like I am passing on a memory.

    During my trip to the states last year, everywhere I went I was shown a blanket or two I had made for them.

    I wish I could be the grandmother, my grandmother was but my granddaughter is about 10,000 miles away.