Disproportionate mercy

Today, as I was watching CNN (we get CNN Europe, which, I am told differs from CNN in the USA and I hope that is correct) I became outraged. One of the talking heads was talking about the middle east and all of the terrible things that are happening here. She (I think it was a she; I at first tried to repress this because I didn’t want to become hypertensive) was talking about how people were affected and spoke of “the refugees from Lebanon arriving in Syria with tales of horror” and the Israelis “watching missiles land.” Now let’s see: I suppose the woman in Nahariya who saw her husband approaching the shelter where she and her small children were taking refuge and then saw him be so obliterated by a direct missile hit that there were only a few small pieces left could be said to have watched a missile land. That is indeed true. But I, as a somewhat compassionate person would be tempted to think of that as a tale of horror.

But wait…. I have forgotten something…. he was a Jew. When Jews are killed, well, that’s OK. When arabs are killed, that’s horror.

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  1. You tell ’em Mamma!

  2. From Canadian father-in-law in the USA; You are correct in your perception on News preconceived slant. Israelis’ are aggressors vs. Arabs are innocent victims. It sells.
    How do you feel about the new movement among the Evangelistic Christians: “Christians for Israel”? Their point being if they aid Israel it will speed the “2nd Coming”.

    Hi I’m Yaakov’s dad