Letter to the West

War. It is terrible. People who are good and kind—sons and husbands and fathers– are killed defending our country from the threat of extinction—that had anyone doubted was real until now, is no longer in doubt. Our enemies mean to destroy us. Not just our soldiers. Not just our buildings. They mean to destroy all of us. You can see it in where they fire their missiles. They mean to kill me and my husband and my children and my grandchildren and all of my neighbors and all of the people we see at concerts and on the beach and at the health club and in the supermarket. They want to kill the old people in nursing homes and the preemies in the nurseries. They want us gone. Eradicated.

But that is not the worst of it. Because we are the canary in the mine. We are the Western outpost in the Middle East. Once these sharks taste blood, they will attack again… Europe will probably be first. Regaining Spain has been in the plans for hundreds of years. Substantial populations of radicalized Muslims live in France, England, and Belgium. European countries, intoxicated with “peace and love” will be an easy target. But it won’t stop there. The next place for the spread of radical Islam will be the US.

“Foolish!” you call me. “It won’t happen here.”

9/11 was also unthinkable. The West must wake up. They need to know that there are people for whom the demise of the West is their reason for living.

If those panty-waisted liberals force us to give up the fight, we will not be the only losers—and when the inevitable conflagration happens, our enemies will be all the better equipped with sophisticated weapons including Iran’s “peaceful nuclear power” and all the more confident of victory.

This war is the war of the free world against hate and fanaticism. Please don’t force us to lose. Our fate is yours.

War is hell, but it is better than the alternative.

p.s. This web log shows the unreliability of the reporting. You actually will laugh at some of the pictures and comments. It relates to a New York Times photo essay with phony pictures.

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  1. Amazing timing, with the news about the plot to crash British jets coming out just shortly after your post… scary…

  2. frank spigel says

    Rachel makes a good point. Twice this week we have had suspicious packages on the Metro (our subway system.) They have made a mess out of rush hour commuting in the nation’s capital.

    As far as The New York Times goes, I have disliked that paper for a long period of time. But I really dislike CNN the most. People ask do I watch CNN. The answer is no because it is ANTI-ISRAEL and I cannot and will not watch it. I also am starting to dislike Reuters as well.