OK, people. Listen up. I didn’t think I was going to have to get all drill sergeant on you, but it appears that I do.

What I am talking about has happened both here in Israel and in the US. I suspect this happens in other places as well. If what I am saying is not relevant to you, go on to the next post; I wrote two today.

People are forgetting their children. Now I don’t mean like you’re at the mall and you think you have all of them and then you look around and one has wandered off to see if he/she can find money under the candy machine which is ten feet away. I am talking about people who get out of their cars, lock them, go to shop or work or a repair shop, or the beach and they leave their children in the car. They leave them not for a minute and say. “Oh no, how could I have forgotten the baby!” They leave them for hours. They don’t notice the child is missing. They forgot the child was with them earlier in the day and thought he/she was home or with another caregiver. The children bake and die. This week, a father left the beach at the Dead Sea and didn’t realize his child wasn’t with him. This child, thankfully, was found floating alive and healthy hours later, but I find it hard to believe that the father didn’t say before he left the beach, “Where’s my son?”

Parents: check your car before you leave it. Look in the back. DON’T leave your little one there even for a minute. These little people are fragile and precious. Take them with you. Hold them and cuddle them and love them.

All of you who take care of children– when you are out, make sure they are with you. If they are swimming, keep look ing to see that they are safe. If you have a number of children, your job is keeping all of them safe. If more than one person is caring for your children, make sure you are clear about who has responsibility for which child. Keeping your children safe is more important than having fun, more important than feeling free, more important than talking with friends. Children need to be protected.

“I forgot” is no excuse.

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  1. Where is my baby??? Do you have her?

  2. Anonymous says

    You may take me back to something one of my favorite aunts said a while ago and that is raising your kids is the most important thing that a parent will do.
    She said it over 40 years ago. She said she was in a coffee shop when she said it. Did the women take heed, The answer is I hope so, but I don’t know.