Can it really be that it was fifteen years ago when Hadas was born? That beautiful baby, daughter of my own daughter, first of the new generation, first native born Israeli in our family. Can it really be fifteen years since that trek from the center of Jerusalem to Ein Kerem that my two younger sons and I took to visit my daughter and the baby on shabbat? We walked in the blazing sun for miles to visit them, backpack loaded with food and cold drinks. How excited and happy we were!

Had we known then what an amazing, terrific, delightful person Hadas would become, I can’t imagine we could have been any more excited. Over the years as we watched her grow and saw her intellect at work, experienced her humor and wit, we realized more and more what a special person she is. she is bright and clever. She dances with grace; she sings beautifully.

On our trip to China last year, I could not have had a better companion. She is interested in learning and experiencing new things, picking up a few key Chinese phrases, learning how to bargain. She made friends easily with the other girls on the trip, and I was please to see that she is a person one can count on. She made sure to bring home something special for each of her family members and she chose their gifts with care. She is the kind of person that every savta wishes her granddaughter could be.

Happy birthday Hadas! I love you.

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  1. I remember meeting Hadas on a trip to Israel in 1995. What a sweetheart she was then and is now. Happy 15th Birthday Hadas! Love, Gail