Tonight was Elisheva’s night. Tonight we celebrated Elisheva’s becoming a bat mitzvah. It was a celebration that was very special because Elisheva is a very special girl. She is very clever and bright and she is very conscientious. She enjoys reading and learning and she is serious about her school work. She is a person who strives for perfection in the things she does. She is a person who achieves excellence. She has a kind and sweet demeanor and she is delightful to be with.

I wanted to speak in public to Elisheva, and perhaps I will write out what I was going to say or perhaps I will put it on YouTube, but the main idea I wanted to get across to her is that with the firm foundation she has been given by her parents intellectually, religiously, and morally, the world is out there for her to make what she wants of her life– that she should seek her passion and learn and study and create and do the things that interest her and excite her. I wanted to tell her that there are many women who she could emulate, but the secret is that she can be her own hero. She can create the masterpiece that is her life. She can write its story; she can paint the picture; she can compose the music. It is all in her hands. I know that she will create something beautiful.

Mazal tov, Elisheva. I love you!

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  1. Mazel Tov to Elisheva from the Barstows, Philadelphia PA

  2. Barstows, my mail to you was rejected!
    You can check out family pictures at


  3. Mazal tov to you and your family. I also loved seeing the pictures.