You know those lights that miners wear on their hats? You probably have seen “head lights”– those flashlights that one can put on one’s head so that one can work without holding a flashlight in one’s hands. Well, having lived in my bedroom and the adjoining master bath for several days with no electricity, I’m beginning to wonder what it will be like being able to use our bathroom without a head light. Even as I speak, I am so attired… take it off, it disappears (as do inanimate objects all too often).

I also wonder what it will be like to be able to look for the sweaters that are upstairs that I really could use just about now.

I wonder what it will be like to know which circuit breaker corresponds to which circuit (I had labeled them all, but since they were like tangled spaghetti in the staircase, the electrician , in providing his electrical “first aid” just connected anything to anything.) The important implication of this is that it would be helpful to know which circuit breaker (if any) corresponds to the water heater whose switch (of course) is upstairs! Normally, our hot water comes from solar heating, but we’ve been blessed with rain the last couple of days…

The electrician returns tomorrow. The tiles (for the floors and walls of the bathrooms on the third floor), the toilets, and the sinks are supposed to arrive tomorrow. We have chosen the colors for the painting of our house and the upstairs apartment. We still have to live through the cutting through the wall of the house to extend our kitchen window downward to the point that we can see out of it into the garden.

I wish we weren’t doing this now. I wish we had the ability to offer a home to a family from the south that is in need of shelter.

Please keep our defense forces and our civilian population, living in range of rockets and artillery, in your prayers.

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  1. I hope the renovations will be over FAST and your current circumstances will be a distant memory.

  2. You are DEFINITELY in my thoughts and prayers tonight. It’s on the news a lot, down here in Oz. Sending love. Truly hope you are ok.