The last week of renovations???

This was to be the last week. A couple of weeks ago they came and took measurements for the glass panels that will be our stair rail. Last week the stair people took out two defective steps. Yesterday everything was supposed to come together. Except no one showed up. Today the glass people called. The arrived shortly thereafter. They have the glass pieces. Unfortunately, they are not cut properly and instead of rectangle for the hallway rail, we have trapezoids. Instead of parallelograms on the panels going down the stairs, we have.. there was a reason that geometry wasn’t my favorite subject. And despite the fact that these guys were supposed to do a good job and that we are paying them for a good job, I feel terrible for them that we are going to insist they do it right. Otherwise we will be looking at our panels and seeing them crooked for as long as we can see.

So this is not going to be the last week. There will never be a last week. It will just go on and on and on.

So now I have a new form of wishing someone well. Instead of saying “As meah v’esrim” (may you live ’til 120), I will be saying “ad sof haShiputzim” (May you live until the end of renovations…. -at least-)

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  1. really… do you want to live to eternity?!

  2. The Chinese say: May you live an interesting life.

    If your workmen have time to spare, send them to my house to remove my neighbors trees that were blown over into our yard by yesterday’s storm.

  3. Oh gosh. Not a good situation from any perspective. And if it makes you feel better, I had to sit and think to figure out what shapes each of those were. I’m more of a calculus girl myself.

  4. Renovations are my husband’s hobby…so I can definitely relate to the never ending part. Except, he usually does things right and cleans up after himself. Love you…ME