Missing in action?

I really have not been missing in action. Only the “action” part is correct. My days have been busy. Last week was my grandson’s surgery and the three days he spent in the hospital were not easy days for anyone. On Monday we took him back for a follow-up appointment and he seems to be healing well. We have to go back next week for another follow-up.

Since his condition is fairly rare, and since PHPV manifests itself differently in different people, the treatment options are not clear. We have gotten an enormous amount of support from people through the internet yahoo group. We identified the foremost expert on retinas in small children in the US and were told that he would be willing to evaluate Ephraim’s tests and reports. When we saw his doctor here in Israel (Israel’s expert on PHPV) I mentioned that we had located a doctor in the US. He actually said, without a second’s hesitation, the name of the doctor we had found. The Israeli doctor said that he is very doubtful that the US doctor has anything to offer that is not available here. But now we wait and see what his condition is following the surgery.

Our apartments are almost finished (HOORAY!!!). The one we live in is almost back to normal, but much improved. We still have to figure out what pictures we want to hang and where. Right now, the walls look pretty good without pictures…

We are putting the finishing touches on the short-term rental apartment and it really looks nice. We went out today and bought bedding, wastebaskets, knives… we need to clean the apartment of dust, wash the floors, and soon we will be ready for guests!

So now, there is no excuse not to visit us. We figure that between the two apartments, we can sleep 18 people (not including us!) with no one sleeping on a sofa (except the foldout one). So y’all just hurry on over, ya’ hear?

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  1. Ooh. Don’t tempt me. You’ll be stuck with us indefinitely. 😉

  2. You have never heard Maty snore. It will scare your neighbors. But we are looking into visiting our newest grandchildren and you in the not too distant future.