Suggestions for Facebook Buttons

Three of us have been sitting and talking about the fact that Facebook has a “like” button, but it could be so much better if there were more options. Here are some suggestions for buttons:

1. Sympathize
2. Dislike
3. Who cares?
4. Too much information
5. Right, I’ll go tell the world
6. What would your mother say?
7. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you
8. Could you get me one of those?
9. Ewwwww
10. Good luck with that

Thanks to my daughter Leah and my sister Vicki!

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  1. I have been saying the same thing, especially with regard to a dislike and a sympathize button! Sometime people post sad status updates, and all I can think to put in a comment is a sad face!

  2. I think if there’s a sympathize button, there also ought to be an empathize button.

    Also, there is already a “hide” button, which I employ frequently.