Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

This is a photo I took on a warm day last month when my sister and I were walking through the Neve Tzedek area of Tel Aviv. On that day, she and I probably covered a few miles of Tel Aviv on foot, but we were together and so it was fun. Neve Tzedek is the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv and was actually thought of as part of Jaffa in the beginning. Tel Aviv is, of course, celebrating its 100th birthday this year! For a long time, Neve Tzedek was neglected, but in the last 15 years or so, it is being gentrified and homes are being restored. Now it is a very “in” place to live. This is one of the back alleys.

Shadows in the alley. Neve Tedek

Shadows in the alley. Neve Tedek

Here is another picture from that walk:

Open door, Neve Tzedek

Open door, Neve Tzedek

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  1. What beautiful shadow shots! I particularly love the first one! Delightful!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. What a pleasant, peaceful walk you had…and such a wonderful open door, almost inviting you in…simply beautiful!

  3. Such a beautiful scene in the first photo. Both are just wonderful shadow shots.

  4. The door is open,
    shadows are deep—do you dare
    to take a faith leap?

    My Shadow Shots

  5. I love posts with beautiful pictures of places far away and descriptions like yours…Traveling is my favorite thing to do and this is my way to do it every Sunday morning…Thanks!

  6. I really would love to wander in the shade in that first photo, lovely….

  7. What bright sunshine! Marvelous for shadows, I’ll bet! The first shot reminds me a lot of Italy, with the rich colors. Thanks!

  8. Nice surroundings and seems peaceful to live around.

    Shadows shows that you have a wonderful sunny & hot day.

    Cheers for Sunday evening.

  9. really pretty shots! love the lighting and it looks so peaceful.

  10. It does look like a charming place to live.