Some smiles

Here’s a photo of the children and their Saba on the Greek Island of Kos. It was a beautiful sunny day and the children loved walking through the colorful market area and exploring.

Six of our grandchildren and their Saba (grandfather)

Six of our grandchildren and their Saba (grandfather)

The cruise was a wonderful adventure.

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  1. I love Greece! The food is great and the nights are fun – the whole country is created for tourism and pleasure – not too West – and not too East – just perfect! Glad you have lots of sun!

  2. A beautiful group!

  3. Everyone looks so relaxed. Greece sounds marvelous – you can get kosher food there? And the weather is not so different from that of Israel?

  4. Welcome to Summer Stock Rona, it’s great to have you. How fun to take a family trip, and Greece is a great location for it – in years past we often met up with my family “halfway”, renting a villa somewhere in Europe. I hope we get a chance to do it again someday.

  5. Lovely sharpe image, beautiful summer colours…

  6. That’s a wonderful family photo!

  7. it’s a nice family photo and you all look like you’re having a grand time. I hope i can visit Greece someday.

  8. Great shot!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Greece…

  9. Greece is a nice place to visit for sure. Great photo!

  10. Lovely family. I want to go to Greece some day.