I promised myself I would wait for a while to see what happened. I know that what I say will be offensive to some of my best friends and possibly a relative or two, but I can’t keep silent any longer.

You see, today a survey was made public that said that only 4% of Israelis consider Obama to be pro-Israel. It was no surprise to me. I cringed the day after his his speech to AIPAC when he said he didn’t really mean that Jerusalem should remain Israel’s undivided capital. I knew all of those bright rosy predictions based on his “Jewish advisors” were fantasy. No one who has lived in Israel can deny that often the worst critics of Israel are members of Israel’s own suicidal left wing.

It was during the Cairo speech that I cringed once again. This time it was his implication that Israel’s legitimacy devolved from the Holocaust. This, of course, is the claim of our Arab enemies. They assert that the Jews were given Israel as recompense for damages done to the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Hence Holocaust denial. If the Holocaust never happened, then the Jews don’t have a claim on the land. In fact, our right to this land is thousands of years old. This is the land of our patriarchs- Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, of our matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. To dismiss this legitimacy of ours to live here, to work and to love this land is to deny us our very soul.

When he tells us that Jews should not be allowed to build homes in parts of the land of Israel, it shocks me. To say that Jews cannot live somewhere because of their religion???? I seem to remember some famous people who struggled for civil rights who said something about people not being denied equal rights because of the color of their skin. Is he asking for parts of the land of Israel to be Judenrein?

And so today, it did not surprise me to see that the percentage of Israelis who think Obama is pro-Israel has fallen from 6% to 4%. Frankly, I’m surprised that there’s anyone who still thinks so.

But here’s the scoop…. despite every US president’s commitments to the state of Israel, I do not believe that the US must support Israel. No, really, I don’t. The US needs to do what is best for the US. The great tragedy of this current policy of embracing enemies and distancing friends is not good for the US. Pressure on Israel from a country seen to have been friendly in the past encourages their fantasies of our destruction.

Israel can and will take care of itself, but the world is becoming an ever more dangerous place.

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  1. The US must do what is best for the US and that includes backing, supporting and loving Israel. I’ll tellyou why, by paraphrasing something Nixon once said: The US must always back Israel because they are G’d’s Chosen People. That is reason enough for me, and should be reason enough for anybody on this entire planet.

  2. Bold Post. Well Said!
    I agree that Israel can take care of itself. It is nice to have friends but I dont think Obama is a friend of Israel.