Feeling grumpy!

I am slowly recovering from my jet lag. We left Lima, Peru, at about 9 on Sunday night (Lima time), arrived in Madrid about 2 in the afternoon Monday (Madrid time) and took off again at about 11:50 pm, landing in Israel about 4:30 am on Tuesday– spending two nights on planes. So, I am a bit grumpy. And here’s what’s been really irking me:

Why is it that the woman in front of me on the last plane (the one that took off from Madrid at about midnight) who got onto the plane with her husband had to put on not only her own reading light, but the one beside her ALL NIGHT and proceed to blab with the 60 year old hippie guy with the earrings who stood in the aisle much of the trip talking to her and sounding like nothing so much as an overconfident teenager?

OK, I know there’s no good answer, but really people, isn’t it time that we grew up and started thinking about others? I mean, I understand that people want to do what they want to do, but at the expense of others? I mean I wouldn’t go and stand outside her window in the middle of the night and have a loud conversation. I wouldn’t take a flashlight and shine it in her face. Yes, I could. Yes, there’s no law against it. But is that the world you’d want to live in?

And while I’m grumping… Is it really necessary to push in front of everyone in order to get onto a plane? I seem to recall this thing called assigned seats. Best I can tell, if you have a boarding pass, chances are pretty good you’ve also got a seat. The first people onto the plane are not going to get to the destination any faster than the last ones.

And also, lines. People! Unless you’re having a health crisis, it probably isn’t going to kill you to wait your turn.

Yes, grumpy.

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  1. Did you also have the crying child who only fell asleep as the plane landed? What about the overweigh passenger with the window seat and the overactive bladder. How about the pilot that insisted on pointing out every non-visible from your side of the plane landmark as you dozed. We are glad that you made it safely home; hug the grankids for us