Funniest Experiences

Funniest experiences

Rules: Fill in the following. Tag 4 friends to do the same.

  • My funniest dream
    I try really hard not to remember my dreams because in them frequently I find myself in public places having forgotten to put on my clothes.
  • My funniest experience with a pet
    At the time I didn’t think it was funny, but my daughter thought that heating up a piece of chicken for the dog was a bit over the top. I like it warm… I thought he would too.
  • My funniest experience at a job interview
    I applied for a job working with a population that I really didn’t know and the interviewer wanted so badly to hire me that she supplied the answers to the questions she asked me.
  • My funniest purchase
    I’m sure there are funnier ones, but recently on a rainy day I purchased a meter of plastic tablecloth material to cover my shopping cart that was full of purchases and likely to drown in the downpour we were having.
  • My funniest experience in high school
    High school was not funny.
  • My funniest cooking experience
    The first year I was married I made bread pudding with rye bread. Not recommended.
  • The funniest thing I ever said to anyone
    “When you’re a daddy, you get to eat all the ice cream” It wasn’t funny then, but the story evolved.
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My family and friends are invited to add in the comments any answers that they think I should have given.
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  1. I am the Daddy and I will occasionally eat all the ice cream.