Being an Israeli…

The whole world is against us…

How true!

Let’s look at how the international law reads:

San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, 12 June 1994

You may find the full text here


Neutral merchant vessels

67. Merchant vessels flying the flag of neutral States may not be attacked unless they:

(a) are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture;

OK, friends, Gaza is under blockade from Israel and from Egypt. Essentials such as food and medicines are being delivered daily and pictures of Gazan life on a daily basis shows no humanitarian crisis. What is being blockaded are materials that can be used either themselves as weapons or to make weapons.

Now why would we stop those items from being imported into Gaza?

Perhaps because over several years Israeli homes, schools, and playgrounds have been bombarded by Hamas controlled Gaza with rockets and mortar fire.

So we have a blockade to keep the people who want to kill us from killing us.

And these “peace activists” (read: terror supporters) were coming to break the blockade.

The Israeli commander said that we would be happy to transfer, after clearing it, all humanitarian aid under the supervision of those who brought it. All we wanted to know is that we would not be allowing in weapons that may kill our civilian population. They refused. The terror supporters brutally beat our soldiers, threw them off of decks and off the ship, and fired weapons at them. They were armed with clubs, iron bars, and long bladed knives that are only used as weapons.

And the world says we overreacted? Really?

Read the international law once again. These people were breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refused to stop, and intentionally and clearly resisted visit, search or capture. In that case, they may be attacked. Under international law.

So this evening, all throughout Israel, Israelis gathered at major intersections with signs and flags in support of our military and our country.

My husband and I and our granddaughter, Kinneret, joined them here in Modi’in. As the cars passed us on the road, practically every one of them beeped their horns, waved, smiled, or all three.

Yes, world, we do have a right to live, even if it’s not politically correct. But that’s another post…

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  1. I would have like to have seen that – actually, I would have liked to have been there. Kol hakavod to all 3 of you 🙂

  2. Sink the Damn Ships!

  3. what should we expect? boyycot? can you imagne the whole world avoding use google? or icq?

  4. johana sotomayor says

    Its a sad situation over there, but Israel was just following international law. I fell in love with Israel after shipping a yacht there. The person who helped me worked with Yacht Exports and was Israeli. The rest is history. Nice post.