Fame in the era of plagiarism

This morning I received an email from my son. He had received an email from his brother-in-law in Los Angeles with this question:

“Isn’t that your father?”

accompanied by this photo:
Bar Mitzvah

Well, yes. It seems as if my husband is moonlighting in LA teaching Bar Mitzvah boys… and I never even noticed.

Or maybe it’s because someone saw this photo
Matan's Bar Mitzvah

in my blog in this posting about our grandson Matan’s Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem.

And yes, my husband did teach him.

So, thanks, sir, for making my husband famous, but I can guarantee that you can’t hold a candle to him when it comes to teaching boys for their Bar Mitzvah.

Oh, and one more thing, a request for permission to use the image would have been polite. There is no such thing as a secret in the modern world.

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  1. unbelievable! I thought they took the photo themselves at least.

  2. That really is nervy!! Did you write the person??

  3. I have a picture of on my site that is from my own wedding. So I found it rather amusing that someone else placed that picture on another site (I won’t name names). But I don’t think that is as bad as the ad from dress stores that take pictures off the sites of other designers to put in their ads. It’s usually fairly obvious that they’ve doctored the photo because you can see that sleeves have been filled in on a sleeveless or strapless gown. I’ve seen this multiple times in a publication that caters to the frum market. It really makes no sense because the dresses they show are not even available in the store.

  4. It’s simple. You do a google search for
    “Bar mitzvah torah” – go to images,
    The first picture that doesn’t include a dog, a postage stamp, or a child in a ridiculous tie, is yours.