I have a firm belief that you never know how something will be until you experience it. I can give you quite a few examples– from decisions that abstractly seemed simple and when in the situation, the decision was also clear, but in the other direction– or my preconception of what a new place would be like when we were given an assignment by the Army to an area across the ocean or across the country.

Now usually, I try to keep my family out of my posts. I prize their privacy and therefore they do not appear prominently in my postings, but this time, I am making an exception.

I moved to Israel in 1995. My only close family member aside from my husband and my children and their families is my sister. She lives in the US. Wherever we were on our far-flung adventures in living in 18 different homes since we got married, she managed to visit us. Although we are different in many ways, we always stayed close. Since I have been living in Israel, my sister has managed to visit us about once a year. We handled the distance well. I enjoyed her visits and tolerated the time in between. It’s been a long time that we’ve lived far away from each other, and it seemed OK.

Several months ago she told me that she has decided to make aliya, to come to live in Israel. Surprisingly enough, although I had been tolerating her absence well, from that moment, it has been hard for me to wait until her expected date of arrival. Recently she visited. Discussing the nuts and bolts of her aliya was amazing. It became more and more real to me that she really is coming. I must have said to her about a hundred times, “when you are living here, we can…”

When I said goodbye to her this time, it felt good to know that this was the last time that we would be living separated by an ocean.

And I think back to that first glimpse of her when I was 4.5 years old, those big beautiful eyes looking out at me from a bundle of blankets, my long awaited sister, coming home at last. And now I look forward once again to greeting my long awaited sister, coming home at last.

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  1. You may like having her come and live near you, but although I wish her well, the truth be known, I will miss her terribly! She is like the sister I never had. We have so much in common! She is always present at our family dinners. We get together to view new exhibits at the Art Museum. She introduced me to the joy of opera. She always has a humorous perspective on anything in life. She serves as my walking encyclopedia of film and of all things Michelson. I am so grateful that technology has made the world smaller and more keep in touchable! Her birthday is tommorrow and I thought that I would tell her that I love her here for all of the world to see. PS – I love you too!!! And although I know SHE will visit the states, I’m sad to know that you will have one less reason to travel here. Selfishly signed, ME

  2. I read your article and I remembered of the times we made Aliya. I hope that everything will turn out great . Israel is our only hope .No jew is safe in this world without Israel. May God bless Israel