Life in the time of CoRONA #3

Let me say from the outset, this post is purely an exercise in thinking and does not represent my specific belief system (which, by the way, even I am not sure of). But travel down this path with me and see what thinking it evokes in you…

When I was a young teenager, more than one person (maybe in the neighborhood of 25) told me that I thought too much. I would ask questions that really didn’t have answers and that I only asked because they were matters of curiosity for me- and I really didn’t expect to get any satisfactory answers. However, the adults around me somehow felt that they needed to give me some response- so usually it was “you think too much.”

One of the things I used to think about was the whole concept of the Messianic Era. How could it possibly unfold? I mean here we are billions of people on earth. Even with all of our modern communication, how would the world get prepared? How would the messiah (however one conceives of such a being) make him/her/it/self known and even be accepted. How would the whole scenario unfold? I simply could not conceive of any mechanism that would work.

And now what is happening? People who were traveling have returned/are returning home- business people, tourists, and yes, even the young Israelis who go traveling after the Army. Students in overseas programs are returning to their homes. Not only that, but people are working from home. Parents are dealing with their children day after day with little respite aside from electronic media. Restaurants, pubs, movie theaters, bowling alleys, gyms, swimming pools- all are closed.

People leave their homes only to buy food and pharmacy items and for short walks. We have cars, but nowhere to go.

Those who looked forward to traveling and/or going to hotels for Passover, will be at home with the nuclear family.

We have no need to dress up to impress others or put on makeup. Appointments and activities that filled our days are gone. Our calendars are blank.

We are hoping to stop the spread of this virus. But, are we in preparation for something bigger, more important? Is this the world’s “wake-up call?” Could it be that we are on the verge of a fundamental change in the world and how we humans act in it? Now that we know that we all are vulnerable, now that we know that we need to protect each other, now that it’s quiet enough to hear that still, small voice- is something extraordinary in store?

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  1. It’s possible that there will be some lasting change, but I suspect that more than anything, if it’s possible, people will overcompensate, like they do after a speed trap, trying to make up for lost time…

    For that reason, I’m focusing on not feeling deprived and not feeling the need to compensate for anything when this is all over.

  2. Rhona Sloan says

    Hello oh thoughtful one. Ok. My hope is that people do learn that we are vulnerable and our actions impact others. It seems to us that all to few understand the concept of dominoes. May we all emerge from this with greater insight and caring for others. Hugs (virtual only)

  3. Anna Gotlieb says

    The Season of
    Hope…Quarantined…Caronavirus…Nature doesn’t know…Outside my window—blue sky. Green needles on the fir tree shimmering in the noonday sun…Birds and squirrels swooping and gathering. The lessons we will draw?…The earth abhors a greedy use of gasoline and plastic…Leadership matters…Spreading the wealth is humane…Board games bring families together…FaceTime is a miracle…Life is precious…Laughter helps.

  4. Aylene Kovensky-Gard says

    Rona, so nice to find this blog of yours. This afternoon John and I strolled around the neighborhood between the 2nd and 3rd shower of the day (with a few more later on) and saw almost no one although it was a comfortably warm 70 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit here in Kentucky, U.S.A). I was THINKING perhaps this invasion of the Corona virus might be a time when EVERYONE might be THINKING about changing how they live their lives. Possibly THINKING all the wars and hatred still in existence on our planet could be stopped and peace become a reality. May this come true speedily in our time.